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Sunu vardi
ArthurStДата: Otrdiena, 2014-01-28, 4:24 AM | Сообщение # 331
Grupa: viesi

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AElibleOmizEДата: Otrdiena, 2014-01-28, 10:21 PM | Сообщение # 332
Grupa: viesi

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AosteoftrozyДата: Piekdiena, 2014-01-31, 2:12 PM | Сообщение # 333
Grupa: viesi

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Tz5jdkqnoДата: Piekdiena, 2014-01-31, 3:13 PM | Сообщение # 334
Grupa: viesi

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NoundagubabДата: Otrdiena, 2014-02-04, 11:41 AM | Сообщение # 335
Grupa: viesi

Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in love lasting forever? Now I do believe in that. I was lonely for too long and when I decided to put my profile on this site, I was desperate. It was a real hope for me to meet happiness. My best friend has got married via this site and she encouraged me to try also. Can you imagine that David was the first man I have met on this site and married him? I can say that it was love at first sight. He could see my soul and my sincerity behind the photos. Our meeting was very romantic, we were walking along the river and understood that we are so comfortable together. I guess we should always believe in what we do and it will happen.
I didn’t speak English at all but now I can speak very good English, because my husband supported me and my daughter, he is very caring and we love him greatly.
We had several meetings in Ukraine, then we dated for a year, he met my family. We had wonderful vacations in Turkey together. I appreciate that David loves my daughter. This fact is very important for me. Now I am in blossom again, I love and I am loved!
He serves in the military now, but soon we will live together and I am sure we will have great future and strong love!
David is a strong man, he is a man of actions, he proposed me and I was on the 7th sky from happiness.
We have got married this year on the 20th of April. His family came to the wedding and we had a wonderful ceremony in Kiev. Of course we had to organize many documents and papers to make it right and legal, but we did everything step by step.
I am a simple woman and I want simple happiness, simple things in life, David is a man for me. Some years ago, I even could not imagine that Destiny would smile to me. My family and friends congratulated us, our wedding was with Ukrainian traditions and David’s friends and family liked our culture and character.
Me and David want to wish everyone success here and you should look for real partner, honest eyes. Chemistry is very important but if we don’t meet your partner in person you would never know if there is chemistry or not.
I am thankful to the site and agency for they support and our happy love story. We want to share some photos from our wedding, we hope that men and women here would also find their love and happiness, Bye!!!!!!
MichaeljeltДата: Otrdiena, 2014-02-04, 9:01 PM | Сообщение # 336
Grupa: viesi

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ChanceolДата: Piekdiena, 2014-02-07, 8:35 PM | Сообщение # 337
Grupa: viesi

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MichaelbofДата: Sesdiena, 2014-02-08, 3:58 PM | Сообщение # 338
Grupa: viesi

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JimmieplДата: Sesdiena, 2014-02-08, 11:02 PM | Сообщение # 339
Grupa: viesi

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AglattGuaraMotДата: Svēdiena, 2014-02-09, 7:05 PM | Сообщение # 340
Grupa: viesi

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myclordcemeДата: Svēdiena, 2014-02-09, 7:41 PM | Сообщение # 341
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JoshuaorДата: Pirmdiena, 2014-02-10, 7:59 AM | Сообщение # 342
Grupa: viesi

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AfourlnorkДата: Pirmdiena, 2014-02-10, 11:30 AM | Сообщение # 343
Grupa: viesi

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VictorSnДата: Otrdiena, 2014-02-11, 4:00 AM | Сообщение # 344
Grupa: viesi

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LeonardgaubДата: Otrdiena, 2014-02-11, 12:50 PM | Сообщение # 345
Grupa: viesi

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