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Forums » Kaķi » Jautājumi&Atbildes » Kāpēc kaķis izbaž meli?
Kāpēc kaķis izbaž meli?
dzivniekiДата: Pirmdiena, 2010-09-20, 12:04 PM | Сообщение # 1
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Kā jums liekas kāpēc kaķi dažreiz izbāž mēli un mīlīgi murā?
Manu prāt tas ir tāpēc ka viņš ir apmierināts ar dzīvi un ir laimīgs... biggrin

viesisДата: Trešdiena, 2012-04-04, 6:55 AM | Сообщение # 2
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Watercolors can be very challenging, yet ltltie kids do it with great ease. If you want to do a water color in wash, it's actually easier. This wouldn't involve as many details, and would leave things to the imagination. These are best, I think, when you are painting seascapes or landscapes. Where you can put a bit of blue and everyone will know it's the sky. For wash you need your brush to be nice and wet, but not TOO wet. Test on scrap paper for the effect you like. With a drier brush you can add more detail and your colors will be darker. I use a fairly small brush and make it nice and pointy at the tip, and then put a damp but not soaking wet tip into the paint. You can actually write in script or add ltltie details like individual bricks on an already painted red wall. Then there's a third way, and that's combining both in one painting. Color in with a wash, and detail with a drier brush.Practice with your paints and your brushes. Get a feeling for what they can do and how you can control them. What I've told you is very basic. Hopefully your teacher can fill in a lot of my gaps. Good luck. Enjoy what you are doing.My question would be what picture wouldn't fit into the theme of picture? Just curious.
Forums » Kaķi » Jautājumi&Atbildes » Kāpēc kaķis izbaž meli?
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